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We provide end-to-end technology solutions and services that always adhere to globally recognized standards and latest technology trends.
Talent is our main asset. We create personalized professional development environments that will help you generate a relevant personal and professional experience and trajectory.
We work with medium or large Companies, public institutions and non-profit Organizations to solve business challenges, improve business processes, raise efficiency or reduce costs  joining technology and expert knowledge.
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Business Intelligence 
  • Data modelling. 
  • Creation of control panels and dashboards. 
  • Development of ad-hoc reports and analysis. 
  • Implementation of analysis tools. 
  • Configuration and maintenance of BI infrastructure. 
  • Design and implementation of security strategies. 
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Data WareHouse 
  • Architecture design and maintenance. 
  • Database design and implementation. 
  • Performance management and optimisation. 
  • Implementation of security measures. 
  • System administration and capacity planning. 
  • OLAP cube creation. 
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Data Integration

  • Architecture design. 
  • Development of ETL, ELT and Reverse ETL integration processes. 
  • Data extraction from different sources. 
  • Data transformation and cleansing. 
  • Monitoring and maintenance of ETL processes. 
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Power BI
  • Training in the use of the tool. 
  • Migration from other platforms to Power BI. 
  • Dashboards and scorecards. 
  • Support at various levels. 
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Google Analytics
  • Configuration of objectives and funnels. 
  • Configuration of events and interaction tracking. 
  • Configuration of filters and segmentation. 
  • Customization of reports and panels. 
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